About Us

About Us


Artifact Shark is a group of competitive CCG players and content creators who either have been playing Artifact since the closed beta or are picking it up immediately upon release. Our goal is to use our CCG and closed beta knowledge to catch you up to the skill level established by closed beta players. Our mission is to turn you into a competitive player, capable of beating anyone.

Who Are We?



With experience both working in the games industry on a CCG and casting tournaments, Merchant brings a unique perspective to content creation and enjoys highlighting aspects of the game that may otherwise go unnoticed. Merchant established himself as a colour commentator on the Gwent Masters series before choosing to move to Magic, where he has become one of Magic’s premier YouTubers. A veteran Magic and Dota player since 2003, he’s excited to dive into the new world of jank that Artifact presents.




Miguel “Mogwai” Guerrero is a simple man. Perhaps…too simple. He likes card games, a lot. A YouTube/Twitch content creator since 2014, Mogwai has been playing and competing in card games pretty much all his life. Having competed and attained competitive success in a large range of card games, including the Yu-Gi-Oh Spain National Semifinals, Duelyst, and Gwent, the Spaniard has developed a solid skillset when it comes to the CCG genre. Following his crowning as the GwenTogether champion in 2017, Mogwai was selected as part of the first duo of the Gwent Masters shoutcasting team and has been a part of the Gwent competitive scene as a shoutcaster ever since. Mogwai’s passion in card games lies in building unique decks, focusing on searching for underrated cards and synergies to try to combat more metagame-defined lists. With Artifact, he’s found his new obsession.




Mark “Petrify” Fittipaldi has a short but explosive history in competitive card games, beginning with him playing poker online at an age where he was definitely too young for it to have been legal. In the Gwent scene, he made a name for himself by consistently dominating the #1 spot on the ranked ladder, which led to him being picked up by compLexity’s Gwent team. The Aussie also won several online tournaments, one of which earned him a spot in Vienna at Lifecoach’s GwentSlam. Since leaving Gwent, Petrify has focused on Magic, where he has become a high-level limited player.




David “Panda” Nolskog boasts a short yet intense career within CCGs, focusing mainly on Gwent since its inception. Starting off with dominant ladder performances in early open beta and a LAN tournament appearance at Gwent Slam #1, Panda then decided to reject the results-oriented life of a pro player and become a full-time shoutcaster for CDPR’s Gwent Masters tournament circuit. The Spanish player also has a penchant for writing, focusing on the analytical aspects of GWENT’s competitive scene, as well as covering the evolving scene’s storylines through interviews and opinion pieces.




Cameron Cook has been playing a vast variety of TCGs, such as MTG, for fun since he was a child. He is another Aussie whose first experience in a competitive card game environment was Gwent. He managed to make a name for himself by winning a Challenger qualifier, which earned him a LAN tournament appearance at GWENT Challenger #3, and holding several top 20 pro ladder places. He is primarily focused on the esports aspects of gaming, such as deckbuilding and tournament preparation.


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